Officers in Harlan County round up suspected drug dealers

By Laura Beranek | 

HARLAN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) Some folks in Harlan County woke up to a peculiar wakeup call Wednesday morning.

"We had roughly eighteen arrest warrants for fourteen individuals," said Loyall Police Department Captain Michael Lunsford, "we served I think eight warrants this morning, still got a few out and about."

The Loyall PD organizes drug roundups like these every year, they say there was only one repeat offender from the last roundup.

They say this is progress, in a town facing a growing drug problem.

"It's an infestation pretty much, we're never going to be able to stop it," says Loyall Police Officer Denny Jones, "all we can do is put a dent in it, and do our best."

Officers served a couple bench warrants, but focused mainly on drug trafficking charges.

Police say drug dealing in the town has slowed down, but now they are noticing more and more dealers bringing drugs into the city.

"No matter if you sell one pill or one drug or ten drugs, dealing is dealing and selling is selling," says Lunsford.

And officials have a message for others.

"We're not going to stop doing what we're doing. People underestimate a small town like this," says Lunsford, "We're a very small department, but we're accurate and we're very eager to help the community."

Police say they plan to continue these drug roundups every year.

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