Officials go after many for back child support

By Greg Robinson | 

More than two million dollars is owed in back child support in Clay County and local officials say they are tired of waiting for payments.

WYMT's Greg Robinson visited the office for the division of child support and has more on a new program that is getting a lot of attention.

Clay County Attorney, Clay Bishop was tired of people not paying their child support, so he and his office came up with some incentive to help make them pay.

These people are wanted and their crime according to the Clay County Attorney is not taking care of their kids.

“They prioritize their debts and their children are not even on the chart, that is unacceptable,” Clay M. Bishop said.

That's why he and his office staff started hanging these wanted posters and he says the idea is simple.

“If they come in and do the right thing, they come off the board, if they come in and sign the pay agreement and make the first payment and then we don't see them any more for three months they go back on the board. It is as simple as that,” Bishop said.

But not everyone thinks that's a good idea.

“No, it's not fair because you can’t get a job here in your hometown and you end up on a wanted poster,” Michelle Shane said.

But clay bishop says that's no excuse.

“The electric company can't put you in jail, your landlord can not put you in jail, I can put you in jail. I don't want to but I will,” Bishop said.

And now there's a poster to prove it.

While Bishop credits his office staff for coming up with the idea, he hopes surrounding counties will pick up on it and start doing the same.

The posters feature people in Clay County who are behind in their child support payments.

Some of the people owe as much as $60,000.

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