Store owners say alcohol sales are booming

By Greg Robinson | 

Beer sales in Manchester are now legal and business is booming.

Local store owners are seeing customers from across the region and hope the new alcohol tax will benefit the city.

Not everyone is thrilled about the city's new source of income.

The Stop N' Shop in Manchester barely has room for the beer they have had to stock the last several weeks.

The local convenient store started selling beer earlier this month and say the sales have been a great success.

“We sold about 1,400 cases the first day.” Frank Henson said.

“Now that the sell of beer is legal in Manchester business is booming and the city benefits, but some folks say they'd rather go to a bigger place than to see this effect their small town,” Brian Kirby said.

But despite the reservations some people have, local officials have not seen an increase an any alcohol related incidents.

“We have not had any rise in any citations issued. There has only been a few open beverage container citations issued and DUI’s have remained the same,” Patrick Robinson said.

Officials hope that the city and business owners can benefit from the sale of alcohol and say they will continue to monitor buyers and sellers are obeying the laws.

“The laws have not changed for alcohol beverage sales by the drink or by the package and the police will be working with the ABC on liquor package and alcohol package sales,” said Robinson.

The city of Manchester receives a tax on all alcohol sold in the city.

They currently have seven applications pending from local businesses awaiting approval to sell alcohol.

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