Papa John's employees encourage community to help support co-worker who was nearly beaten to death on the job

By Paige Quiggins | 

Joey Combs said her son 34-year-old Phillip Slone has changed after being beaten within an inch of his life on Oct. 15.

“He is not himself,” said Combs.
“He is not the same boy as he was before he got hurt. he is different and i guess anybody would be that way, it really took a big toll on him.”

She said his recovery is slow, and the help of friends, and even strangers, keeps the family's spirits up.

“We thank everybody for the prayers, the donations we really appreciate each and every one of them,” said Combs.
“It really means a lot and I know he appreciates them.”

Employees at the Papa John’s on Highway 15 have started a fund to help with other expenses workman's comp does not cover.

“It does not cover everything, like electricity bills, gas bills,” said Shift Manager Jarrod Lindon.

“So we decided to put up a jar in our restaurant to try to take up money for him to help him out while he is off of work while he is recovering through everything,” said Lindon.
“Our employees are helping him the best that we can but we do need help from the community, which they have been great.”

Lindon and another manager had some colorful donation forms made to display on the windows if people want to sign them to show support when they donate some money to the cause.

The family said that they really appreciate all of the support that is coming from the community.

“We have already filled up one window and hopefully when everything is said and done we will have the entire store front filled up with everybody's names that just so that Phillip knows the community is reaching out for him, trying to help him out,” said Lindon.

“I said I would like to be able to get the addresses of people who put their names on those and send thank you cards to them, that was really nice of Papa John’s to do that,” said Combs.

Kentucky State Police said that they have not made any arrests in the case but they have located his stolen vehicle. His mother said his fourth child is due this month and all he keeps talking about is being able to hold his baby girl in his arms when she arrives.