Patriot Guard Riders bring an Army veteran home

By Jerrika Insco | 

Patriot Guard Riders are bringing an Army veteran who passed away in Florida back home to his daughter in Eastern Kentucky.

Their first stop was Williamsburg before their final destination in London.

United States Army Veteran John Waddy Junior passed away nearly three weeks ago.

The Patriot Guard Riders stepped in at the request of his family, who say this is what he wanted.

"That was one of his wishes, to be transported by the Patriot Guard back home to his daughter in London," said Ride Captain Steve Yates.

And this mission was a first for these riders.

"First time for the Patriot Guard Riders to actually escort the ashes or the soldier himself or herself. And it's the first time it's gone across four states," said Kentucky State Patriot Guard Captain Danny Valentine.

The Patriot Guard Riders met at one o'clock and then headed down to Jelico together.

Friends say Waddy was a quiet man but an enthusiastic motorcycle rider

"Mr. Waddy rode a motorcycle, so he wanted to be brought home on a motorcycle, so we're making sure that's going to happen," said Valentine.

A trip like this was a chore to put together, but the captains say they are honored to do it.

"It's showing a high honor. And honoring him in the highest respect that we could show him," said Yates.

"This is the last thing that anybody can do for these warriors. They gave and never asked for anything in return, and that's what we're doing. We're seeing them home," said Valentine.

Nearly 30 riders participated and are all strangers to Waddy.

Patriot Guard captains told us Waddy's funeral and burial ceremony will be next Saturday in London.

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