Pedestrian hit and killed by an ambulance

By Tim Johnston | 

Only the markings remain on Kentucky 30 west, showing the accident scene where earlier today an ambulance hit an Owsley County man, killing him. It happened around 4:30pm in the Vincent community,just a few miles outside of Booneville.

Alex Neely couldn't believe his neighbor, Billy Smith, was gone.

"I know the family [well] and this is just a little community here, with everybody. It's like a small family so to speak. He'll [Smith] be missed," said Neely.

The 62-year-old man was hit right in front of his own house by an Owsley County ambulance. The crash killed Smith.

Kentucky State Police say the ambulance was heading west and had a patient on board at the time of the accident. The investigator said the ambulance was not driving with the lights or sirens on, and likely crossed the center stripe on KY-30 before hitting Smith.

State police say the EMS crew tried to avoid the man, but couldn't so the crew immediately began to help Smith. The victim was pronounced dead by the county coroner less than an hour after the crash.

Looking at the ambulance, the windshield was shattered right in front of the steering wheel. At this time, no charges have been filed.

"It was a bad accident," described Neely, who said he spoke to Smith just this morning while Smith was on his morning walk, an act he'd often repeat in the evenings.

"We talked occasionally, he was a good guy. Everybody liked ol' Bill," added Neely.

Smith's family declined an interview, still shaken by the deadly crash, but say they need prayers for this tough time.

State police say the EMS crew and the patient were not hurt in the crash.

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