Pikeville doctor suspended for allegedly over-prescribing pills

By Katie Roach  | 

Another doctor's license was suspended in Pike County.

Doctor James Dennis is accused of prescribing pain pills and other medications for people he had never seen.

This is the second doctor in Pike County in recent days to have their license suspended.

Local officials say this is a sign of progress in the war on drugs.

At least two suspended medical licenses, and an indictment accusing 22 people of distributing prescription pills to make money were all actions taken recently in the Big Sandy region to crackdown on the drug problem.

"We're starting to see something very positive come out on this war on drugs. I am just glad that we can report to the public that something is being done," said State Rep. Greg Stumbo.

It's a war that officials say has to be fought from all sides, including law enforcement, lawmakers, and people in the medical profession.

"We all have a place at the table and the medical doctors need to come to the table with us and work together with us and try to stop this epidemic in southern and Eastern Kentucky," said Smoot.

And while many say these suspended licenses and indictments are a step in the right direction, Greg Stumbo says they've only scratched the surface.

"This war on drugs is relentless," said Stumbo. "The battlefield changes as quick as we drive one source of drugs another one appears."

"It is a continuing fight and it's something that we have to attempt to stay two steps ahead at all times," said Smoot.

Officials say it's a multifaceted problem that will take more than one solution.

Doctor Dennis is expected to have a hearing in December.

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