Police arrest suspect in home invasion investigation

By Rebekah Pewitt | 

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Jeffery Sasser, who is 48 years old, was arrested after a short foot chase by Laurel County deputies Tuesday around 3p.m.

He is a suspect in multiple attempted home invasions and burglaries across the county.

Sasser had a few words for us while being taken into the Laurel County Sheriff's Office for questioning.

Our Katie Roach tried to speak with him.

Katie: “Do you have anything to say?”
Sasser: “How about get out of my face!? How’s that?”

John Duke says Sasser visited him on his front porch Tuesday morning.

“He said my granddaughter ran away. He said she ran off; I live down the road here in one of the trailers. He said she ran off last night and she didn't even have a coat,” said Duke.

But it was a story that duke believes he made up to get inside.

“He just went like this like he was getting ready to leave and he turned right back around and put that gun right up in my face, which was right there at the doorway,” said Duke.

That's when Duke quickly slammed the door and Sasser ran away.

Police say Sasser tried to break into three other homes throughout the day and was successful only once.

He was caught on Boggs road with some dangerous items including the gun he allegedly pointed at Duke.

“Was I lucky? I guess, because I'm alive. Do I feel lucky? No I feel stupid because I should have had a gun in my hand when that SOB came to the door,” said Duke.

Police later took Sasser to the Laurel County Detention Center, but he had no words for us.

Sasser is a suspect in a violent home burglary from a few months ago, and police say he has been arrested several other times for similar crimes.

Update Tuesday 6pm

LONDON, Ky. (WYMT) - A man is in custody believed to be connected to several attempted home invasions and he is also being questioned for his involvement in possible earlier Burglaries.

A little after 3pm Tuesday, the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office arrested Jeffery Sasser.

They believe he was involved with several home invasions Tuesday in Laurel County.

They searched throughout the day because they said he should be considered armed and dangerous.

Officials at the sheriff’s office say Sasser was caught after a foot pursuit on Boggs Road.

An officer was searching in the area due to the multiple complaints when he saw someone he thought to be Sasser.

After he was arrested he was taken to the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office for questioning.

Our Katie Roach tried to speak with him:
Katie: What do you have to say?
Sasser: How about get out of my face!

Police say he pointed a gun at one victim’s face and also made a sandwich at another home.

A loaded gun, three knives, a mask, duct tape, and rope were just a few items they found on Sasser when they arrested him.

Officials say they are glad they caught him before nightfall.

He is still at the Sheriff’s Office where he is being questioned by multiple officials.

They think he might be connected to previous burglaries including a violent home invasion a few months ago.

We will have much more on this story coming up tonight on Night Watch.

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