Police accuse man of falsely reporting incident

By Katie Roach | 

Dozens of emergency personnel were tied up in Laurel County over the weekend because of a false report.

Phillip Johnston pleaded guilty to several charges including falsely reporting an incident and terroristic threatening of a police officer, but Johnston told WYMT from jail it was all a big misunderstanding.

"I was just trying to get help, and what I got was put in jail for 30 days," said Johnston.

Phillip Johnston says he was hallucinating and was only calling 911 to get some help.

He says while calling 911, he got confused about where he was at.

911 dispatchers say he told them he was suicidal, and he would shoot anyone that came to Lassie J Lane.

"I told them at one time I did live there. I didn't tell them i still lived there. They asked me where I was at, and I told them I didn't know exactly where I was at," said Johnston.

Several deputies and emergency personnel responded to Lassie J Lane, but nothing was there.

Deputies later found him in a hotel in London.

"They maced me and knocked me back into the room," said Johnston.

Police say Johnston told them he thought it would be funny and a good show.

"Why would I have thought that was funny. I was asking them to come and give me a ride to come and help me. Why would I have thought that was funny, that would have made no sense," said Johnston.

Police say the most disturbing part about this incident was the fact that it tied up so many resources.

"We sent deputies, constables, a state trooper assisted us, emergency personnel, and ambulance and paramedics. All of them trying to help this individual that was trying to kill himself," said Laurel County Sheriff's Deputy Gilbert Acciardo.

Police determined there was no emergency and wasted valuable resources that could have used elsewhere.

Johnston will spend the next 30 days in jail after pleading guilty to the charges.

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