Police bust meth lab with children in home

By Ashley Reynolds | 

Middlesboro police find an active meth lab and arrest five people.

But that's not all they found ... four children were inside the home.
Police say their parents were cooking meth.

Pauline Upton lives right next door to the house where police found a meth lab on 10th Street Wednesday night.
Officers told upton to leave her home.
Upton says it is hard to believe her neighbors are accused of making meth in front of their children.

"I feel bad for them. They were always good to me. They were nice people. If I needed something they would give it to me. I didn't know anything like that was going on," said Upton.

Police say the ages of the four kids range from 6 to 16.

Police took the children to the hospital for decontamination.
Officials with Social Services are determining where the children will go.

All five adults are charged with four counts of endangerment of a child and manufacturing methamphetamine.

Willie James Smith, Pamela Smith, Willie H. Smith, Jack Elliott, and Crystal Elliott.

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