Police rounding up alleged drug offenders

By Marcus Conroy | 

Prestonsburg Police are arresting alleged drug dealers in an effort to try and clean up the city.

On Wednesday morning, Prestonsburg Police began knocking on doors and rounding up alleged drug suspects.

Officers left the station with 12 warrants, and hoped to serve them all.

"This is a full-time thing and it's not going to stop. It's gonna be here as long as we have the funds," said Assistant Police Chief Bryan Hall.

"The drug problem is pretty bad around here. We do everything we can," said K-9 Officer Adam Dixon.

The first person arrested was Terry Hamilton at Cliffside Apartments. Jimmy Nelson, Shawn Allen, Shannon Slone, Millis Hall Jr., and Jason Risner were also arrested. Police say all except for Nelson are accused of drug-trafficking.

Hall says the department spends a lot of time and money fighting illegal drug use, but says one new resource is already making a difference.

Police say their K-9 unit dog, Storm, is a tremendous asset in fighting Prestonsburg's drug problem.

"Any little thing can help, and he's helped out quite a bit. He's a very good asset to the department," said Dixon.

Hall says with each round-up, police hope they are taking more drugs off the street.

Police are still out looking for suspects right now, so far six have been arrested.

If you have any information on Christopher Osborne of Prestonsburg or Scott C. Jarrell of Martin, call the police department at 606-886-1010.

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