Police want to stop the rise in deadly crashes

By Tim Johnston | 

A State Trooper on the side of the road is typically enough to make any driver tap the breaks. Which is why the Kentucky State Police are increasing their presence and looking crack down on dangerous driving habits this summer, with a project called, "Operation Blue Lights."

"When you're behind the wheel of a car, your choices impact a lot more people than just yourself," stated Lt. David Jude of the Kentucky State Police.

Across the state, Troopers are seeing, what they call, a concerning trend: highway deaths are up this year.

"These aren't just numbers. There's a real human element to that and everybody that is on the road is somebody else's family member," added Lt. Jude.

To help stop the problem the Kentucky State Police are looking to go high tech to identify some of the hot spots for accidents.

"Anything we can use in order to get that word out, that awareness level up, to impact these fatality numbers that's what we're after."

One tool the troopers are turning to will help identify problem areas around the state.

"KyOPS (Kentucky's Open Portal Solution) is a data base that has crash data in it. So we're tasking each of the posts and regions across the state to look at their particular area, determine their high crash locations and those high crash times, and then really put the manpower or the enforcement power into those areas," explained Lt. Jude.

Another tool will be safety check points that are designed to stop potentially dangerous drivers.

"You'd be surprised that no matter the time of day or location that sometimes we do these at these checkpoints become very productive as far as getting impaired drivers off of the roadway."

A third tool the State Police are hoping to take advantage of is having you, the driver, be their eyes on the roadway. They say if you see a driver that appears to be impaired you can call in an anonymous tip to 1-800-222-5555.

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