Purdue Pharma to research Oxycontin's effects on children

(Getty Images)

It's one of the most powerful pain killing drugs on the market.

Now, the company that makes Oxycontin is looking to research the drug's effects on children.

Officials with Purdue Pharma say the move is needed to find out how the drug is metabolized and absorbed into the blood stream.

If the pain killers are already being prescribed to children, researchers need to make sure the drug is safe.

It's a move that has many, including Operation UNITE, saying is a bad idea.

"We have seen so much death and so much destruction i feel like most days here at operation unite we are just left picking up the carnage left in the wake of this problem." Karen Kelly, the director of Operation UNITE, told Mountain News.

Purdue Pharma also said in a statement that congress is encouraging companies to test drugs on kids because their physiologies are different, and as an incentive for doing the costly studies, the patent on the drug will be extended six months.

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