Red Fox residents deal with flash flooding

By Paige Quiggins | 

Heavy rain led to flash flooding in parts of the region in just a matter of hours.

The hardest hit area seemed to be Knott County, where radar estimates suggest more than five inches of rain fell in a short amount of time in the Red Fox area.

People were forced to leave their homes for hours after fears a silt pond and pay lake could collapse and cause even more damage.

Roads buckled and yards turned into ponds.

“We normally have a small, two foot wide creek and now it's like a river,” said Larry Hays who lives in Red Fox.

Hays said he had to let his horses and dogs out during the evacuation on Breeding Creek.

“My yard was flooded out, it looked like a big river,” said Cindy McClain, who also lives in Red Fox.

“We normally have ducks in the pond but not in the back yard,” said McClain’s husband Wendell.

People in the Red Fox community of Knott County were at the mercy of Mother Nature on Wednesday afternoon.

“I passed through many road slides, water across the road everywhere, it was pretty dangerous,” said Jesse Slone of the Hindman Volunteer Fire Department.

Residents of Breeding Creek were told they had to leave their homes after a nearby pay lake over filled. Stream levels reached well over twelve and a half feet. Those who live around the area said they were stunned that no one was hurt. They said they are glad rescue crews got everyone out in time.

“That's most important, being safe,” said Hays.
“Property and stuff, we can put that back, we can fix that, but our health and safety comes first.”

Officials said it was time to figure out how much damage was done and pick up what was left behind.

“We will be working throughout all night cleaning up making sure our roads are opened up and passable,” said Director Greg Mullins of Knott Co. Emergency Management.

Folks have been allowed to return to their homes and no serious injuries were reported.