Scaffold breaks and injures two men

By Jerrika Insco | 

Two men are injured after a scaffolding fell during construction at Whitesburg Whitaker Bank.

James Bradley Johnson, Jr. of Perry County and another man were flown to Holston Valley Trauma Center in Kingsport, TN.

Family friends tell us Johnson is currently in surgery for the second time today.

Construction at Whitesburg Whitaker Bank turned bad when scaffolding broke under two men's feet.

"Apparently the wall had fallen on the scaffolding, and the scaffolding fell down and it was all twisted. A lot of bricks and concrete blocks were laying on the ground," said Gary Mullins, Whitesburg Fire Chief.

When the scaffolding broke, two men were injured when they fell and were covered by bricks and debris.

"They were in a lot of pain, and one was having trouble breathing," said Mullins.

Fire officials told us construction workers were fixing the bank's bulging wall when it came tumbling down.

"I saw that the block wall on the outside of the bank had collapsed. And it made a very loud noise," said John Hopkins, a witness.

Hopkins helped by lifting the scaffolding off of Johnson.

"He was just struggling for air, but he was responsive and talking. But there was some debris laying on top of him including scaffold," said Hopkins.

Anxious bystanders watched as the men were pulled from the rubble.

"We just helped packaged them for the EMS crews that were on the way," said Mullins.

The two men are currently being treated at Holston Valley Trauma Center for injuries sustained from the accident.

The other victim's name has not been released.

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