School officials have new initiatives for graduates

By Angela Sparkman | 

Floyd County school officials have new initiatives this year to get more students to graduate from high school.

Floyd County's graduation rate was 78.95% for the 2009-2010 school year.

The Renaissance Learning Center in Martin is designed to help.

Students are taught lessons a little differently at the Renaissance Learning Center. "We get that chance to get a one to one basis with each one of the kids we have and spend that extra time with them," said teacher Kyle Shepherd.

Students are here because they fell behind in traditional school or they dropped out. The goal of Renaissance Learning is to get the students to graduate.

"It's knowing the kid, knowing what they need, what we need to provide them to be successful, barriers we need to remove for those kids," said Ted George, Floyd County Schools Director of Instruction.

The Renaissance Learning Center has day and evening sessions.
School leaders developed Renaissance Learning to increase high school graduation rate.

"We will never be pleased until we reach 100% for our graduation rate. We feel like we put these things in place and we really focus on where a kid is and where they're going, then that'll go up," said George.

School officials say the new school is proving successful. Most of the students enrolled have either graduated or on track to graduate.
"we managed to graduate 27 kids that probably wouldn't have graduated without this plan in place," said George.

Shepherd added, "Even though they had a lot of hardships or obstacles in the way, Renaissance Learning gave them the chance to accomplish that goal."

Right now nearly 70 students are in the school.

Floyd County elementary and high schools are also implementing intervention programs.

Teachers are looking for students that are getting behind and then providing extra help.

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