Search & Rescue Coordinator dies

People in Martin County are mourning the loss of a man who devoted his life to helping the community.

Bruce Endicott, the search and rescue coordinator and member of the Martin County Rescue Squad died Saturday.

Family and friends say Bruce Endicott spent his life helping people in Martin County.

“You wouldn't have found no better man than Bruce was. He'd help anybody. It didn't make any difference where it was, what it was, or how long it took,” James Roy Endicott said.

As the Martin County Search and Rescue Coordinator and member of the Rescue Squad, 55 year old Bruce Endicott spent more than 30 years rescuing people from wrecks, floods, or people lost in the hills or water.

“He was a long time, valuable asset to the community. Just anytime you called them, they would be there,” K.C. Fitch said.

The call for help on Saturday was for him. Officials say he was working on the roof of his home when he fell off.

“It's always tough to go to a call where it is one of your fellow emergency workers,” Deputy Keith Maynard said.

Endicott died from his injuries.

Now the community is remembering the man who saved many lives or helped people during a troubled time.

His family and fellow emergency workers say he will never be replaced.

Visitation is at the New Friendship United Baptist Church.

The funeral will be Wednesday at one.

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