Special session ends in Frankfort

By Phil Pendleton | 

The Senate adopted the plan funding $4.5 billion in road projects…but not before adding an amendment that puts some projects back in that the Governor vetoed.

Man of those projects are in Senator David Williams district…but Sen. Vernie McGaha says a big one is also in his…improvements on US 127.

“I take great offense to this being called an act of greed. Because it is not. We have safety issues and we would like to move our commerce like everyone else in the state does,” said McGaha, R-Russell Springs.

The Governor had called out Williams for adding those projects late in the process..and Senator Tim Shaughnessy questioned what he called "earmarking" funds.

“We have an opportunity to say whether that process was fair,” said Shaughnessy, D-Louisville.

The House did not adopt the amendment…and the Senate later receded on it, basically sending the issue to the Governor for his final signature.

The Senate did make a change to the “pill mill” bill, which keeps monitoring of prescription drugs in the Health Cabinet, instead of the Attorney General’s office.

The House concurred in the change……because the KASPER program will be funded using mortgage insurance settlement funds.

Both chambers signed off on the bill…and both issues in the special session are resolved and on their way to the Governor’s desk.

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