Sheriff Deputies say drugs found hidden in artwork

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By Angela Sparkman | 

Police in Johnson County call it in an unusual drug bust.
The Johnson County Sheriff's Department discovered marijuana, prescription pills, and thousands of dollars of cash inside one home in Lowmansville.
Deputies say it has opened up a larger investigation.

Johnson County Sheriff Dwayne Price says an anonymous call to the Sheriff's office tipped them off to find the drugs inside the home, but they had to hunt for it.

"Our drug dealers are creative," said Lt. Billy Hall.

The Sheriff said the people in the home consented to a search. During the initial search at the home, deputies did not find any drugs, but say they smelled it.

"Each time they'd pass by these picture frames, a strong odor of marijuana would hit them in the face. When they picked pictures up and looked at it, shook them around a bit, found that it was actually a hidden container," said Sheriff Dwayne Price.

Inside the artwork's hidden containers, deputies say they found two pounds of pot along with pills and nearly $2,000 cash.

"Nothing surprises me anymore," said Lt. Hall.

Deputies confiscated all the drugs and money. They believe it is part of a marijuana drug trafficking operation.

"Based on the amount of marijuana discovered, I feel like they had a little enterprise going," said Sheriff Price.

"We're hoping through this investigation, it will lead us into more information for other areas of the county," said Lt. Hall.

They say charges against the art owners are pending. They are planning to take the case to the Johnson County grand jury. The suspects names are not released yet.

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