Shots fired after two allegedly tried to steal scrap metal

By Katie Roach | 

It was a burglary gone bad. Shots were fired as two suspects tried to get away after they allegedly tried to steal scrap metal.

Police are still searching for the two men in the Artemus Community of Knox County.

People in the community say they just want these two caught

Susan Smith is warning everyone in the Artemus Community to lock their doors.

"I called my brother to tell his wife to lock up the place. I locked mine up," said Smith.

Kentucky State Police say two men were stealing copper wiring from a house. They went across the street to the barn where they were allegedly trying to steal scrap metal, and that's when the land owner confronted them.

Police say when the property owner caught the two suspects trying to steal his scrap metal, one of the two suspects tried to get away in a car, and the other ran into the woods.

"The homeowner was standing in the middle of the roadway attempting to stop the vehicle. The subject tried to run over the property owner. At that time shots were fired into the vehicle," said Shane Jacobs with Kentucky State Police Post 10.

Police identify the driver of the car as Jackie Boles of Artemus. As they investigated, they found the car in a ditch, but Boles was not there.

"They say he is still in these mountains somewhere. He is on foot they say," said Smith.

At this time, both suspects are still on the run.

Police say they are not sure whether Boles received any gun shot wounds from the incident.

They are not releasing the other suspects name at this time.

If you have any information, you should call state police.

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