Small Business Development Center opens in Corbin

By Matthew Rand | 

CORBIN, Ky. (WYMT) - An organization that helps small business owners navigate the business world just opened a new office in Corbin.

Some area businesses are already benefiting from the group's advice.

Daniel Day is a Corbin native and owns his own R.V. store.

He says his business has grown by leaps and bounds since he started it last year, and he says the Eastern Kentucky University Small Business Development Center has been a big help.

"They come on board with us, and free of charge, and began to consult us on our business plan, our projections, and a loan," Day said.

The S.B.D.C. opened a new office in Corbin Wednesday.

Representatives say the office will help business owners across the tri-city area stay on the path to success.

"I'm working with folks in London right now. All they want is a business plan. They're not wanting to borrow any money. They just need guidance for their business and they want to make sure they have a road map to get there," said John Preston, a management consultant with the S.B.D.C.

Thanks to business advice from the Small Business Development Center, Day says he's ready to take his R.V. business to the next level, with marine and power sports sales.

Day says business planning provided by the S.B.D.C. is a big reason his company is where it is today.

"Once we seen the three year projections, it showed us what we could be in three year's time, and here a year later we've met those goals," Day said.

Day thanks the S.B.D.C., his church, and the Corbin community for his continued success.

The center is a partnership between Eastern Kentucky University, the Corbin Economic Development Agency and the Southern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.

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