Spirits up at Morgan Co. Relay for Life

By Paige Quiggins | 

One place affected by the severe weather tonight was Morgan County an area that was devastated on Mar. 2 by a tornado.

Despite the storms, the community came together to show their support for one another and fight against cancer.

This year's banner says it best, “A tornado may damage our town, but it will never damage our spirits."

People who came to Morgan County’s Relay for Life had high spirits, though donations were down from previous years.

“The tornados really affected our community as people have seen in the news and everything, it pretty much wiped out downtown West Liberty,” said Chairperson Amy Robbins.

Organizers said they needed the support the relay brings now more than ever.

“This year we are actually, everything has been donated and everything is free to the community just to bring our community together because that's where we need to be right now to get through everything,” said Robbins.

Survivors said they needed the thoughts and unity at this time.

“Support all the survivors and those who have lost their lives, just to take our mind off the devastation for a night,” said Nancy Adkins, a 6-year cancer survivor.

County officials said the outpouring of help was a reflection of the caring people in the county.

“We have always been a community of giving... and through the tornado we were a community of receiving but we are still giving. we are going to pour our hearts out, just as people does that for us,” said Morgan County Judge Executive Tim Conley.

He said the fact that the people still wanted to have a relay this year is a testament to their character.

“I think that speaks well of our community and I think that's why when we went through this devastation of the tornado it spoke so well of every body coming to us,” said Conley.

Conley said they have proven they will "survive" in more ways than one. The total amount of donations will not be known until they are counted at midnight.