State slashes education funding

By Kendall Downing | 

Officials with the Kentucky Department of Education said an increase in the number of students in Kentucky schools combined with a state budget shortfall means districts will be asked to do more with less.

The silence of another snow day could be a sign of trouble to come.

"This is one of the worst cuts you can experience as a school district," said Henry Webb, Floyd County Schools Superintendent.

The state has slashed almost fifty million in school funding across the Commonwealth. That adds up to nearly a two percent cut.

"For our particular school district, that's $542,000 that we've allocated to spend this school year," said Webb.

Webb said that is the most painful part, because now districts are not getting money they thought they had.

"My biggest response was probably disappointment because once again, we are hit with a tremendous budget cut that impacts student learning in our district every day," said Webb.

"This is something that could have an effect that ripples out for this fiscal year, next fiscal year, and who knows, maybe even fiscal years after that," said Lisa Gross, with the Kentucky Department of Education.

For Floyd County this year, that means no new school buses, as officials are left to wonder what could be the next to go.

"We just don't see any scenario right now where it's going to get any better in the near future, which leads into next year. This cut this year will have a direct impact on next year," said Webb.

It is important to point out the dollar amount of the cut will vary from district to district - but will affect all districts in the state.

Because of a growth in the number of students in school, state officials said there was not enough money to fund school districts as they had anticipated.

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