Structure fire quickly extinguished

By Jerrika Insco | 

Firefighters in Knott County were called to a fire in a building they have responded to before.

The structure in Hindman once occupied a medical care center but is now vacant with apartments up for rent.

It caught on fire for the second time Saturday morning.

"Now we're here two or three years later, and they had just remodeled it after they had done the clean up on the previous fire site," said Preston Hays, a firefighter with the Hindman Fire Department.

Which fire fighters say started in the same area of the building.

Firefighters say all indications show that the fire started around an electrical outlet.

They had trouble getting to the actual fire because of construction inside.

"We actually initially went upstairs because that's where we seen the smoke first. Whenever we got upstairs, we went inside and actually all there was was smoke and there was no fire present," said Hays.

Once the fire fighters made it to the second floor, they found what sparked the fire.

"When we opened that closet area, it was discovered at that time that an electrical wire had burnt a hole through the floor and on the story above us," said Hays.

They did not have to fight flames but say danger was lurking through the building with electrical wires still intact.

"We put it out before the fire got worse," said Jordan Sparkman, a firefighter with the Ball Creek Fire Department.

"We caught it quick and stopped the whole building from burning down pretty much," said Hays.

The fire only charred a few walls and furniture, burned a hole through the floor, and filled the structure with thick, white smoke.

Three fire departments responded to the structure fire.

The fire marshal's office was contacted to assess the building after the fire.

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