Students learn how to investigate crime scenes

By Hillary Thornton | 

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Students at Johnson Central High School worked as crime scene investigators in a class taught by the Johnson County Sheriff's Office.

Lifting fingerprints, taking fingerprints, and evidence collection are all things students learned to do as part of the two-day crime scene investigation class.

Deputy Tim Clark says, "We have not used anything related to any type of school violence. We set our scenarios to portray gang related activity, drug related activity, or hunting accidents."

During the first day of the class, students learned the basic how to's for crime scene investigation. On the second day, students put that information to practice as deputies set up various crime scenes using fake evidence and then asked the students to investigate.

Laekem Williams, participated in the class and says, "You have to piece it together and follow the clues, and somethimes things aren't actually how it seems it is."

Teachers at Johnson Central High School say they enjoy giving their students an oppoprtunity to learn hands on. Amanda Murphy says, "It is more interesting to them to actually see something and then do something."

Teachers also say they knew this class would be beneficial for their students in particular. "We are one of the only schools in the area to have the biomedical sciences program and so in that porgram we research all different types of careers that these kids could go into," explains Murphy.

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