Testimony reveals man was killed over debt

By Phil Pendleton  | 

LIBERTY, Ky. (WKYT) - After nearly three hours of testimony, a Casey County District Judge agreed to forward the murder case against two men to a grand jury for possible indictment.

David Salyers is accused of complicity to commit murder. Police testified that his role in Wendell "Gleason" Pyles' murder had to do with a debt Pyles owed him. But William Bobby Rigdon is accused of being the trigger man.

Detectives said that David Salyers and William Bobby Rigdon went to Tarter Gate Company on September 26th..the night Pyles was shot and killed. Detective BJ Burton said Salyers and Pyles had an ongoing dispute over money. Burton said that Pyles family told him of two separate occasions where Salyers had threatened Pyles over a debt owed him. There was also testimony of how Salyers and Bobby Rigdon were members of the Iron Horsemen motorcycle gang….and how Salyers did not like Pyles method of leaving that group. However, the detectives said that Salyers told them that was not a motive for the murder.

Detectives said they interviewed Salyers on several different occasions and at first he only conceded that the man he drove to the pallet mill was the one who killed Pyles. Later, police testifed that Salyers "was willing to play ball" indicating he would tell them more but police said the commonwealth's attorney was the only one who could make "deals."

Rigdon is charged with murder because police say they have evidence that Rigdon and Salyers were together right before the shooting…including surveillance video that shows the pair inside a store with Rigdon having what appears to be either a large knife or a gun at his side. Salyers also told police in a later interview that Rigdon "lost his cool" when Pyles was killed.

During an interview Rigdon stated that after the two were seen at the store, Salyers took him home. But police said if that was true, Salyers would have not have had time to get to the gate company in Dunville where the shooting happened.

Police also testified that Pyles was shot in the back of the head..as he was running away..and because of Salyers health conditions...he would not have been able to fire a gun in that matter.

The judge heard several motions before the hearing, one including a request for a “gag order” to prevent attorneys from talking about the case to the media. The judge said he would not issue one Thursday, but would leave it up to the circuit judge if an indictment is returned.

Both Salyers and Rigdon are being held in the Casey Co. Detention Center on $1 million bonds.

Attorneys said they could not talk about the case afterwards and relatives and friends of the suspects also declined comment as they were leaving the courthouse in Liberty.

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