Three men charged in murder case appear in court

By Phil Pendleton | 

BARBOURVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - They are accused of killing a young Knox County man who had just returned home last year from serving his country.

Tuesday we learned more about the murder of Jonathan Ryan Foley, as police laid the charges against the three men accused of killing him.

Three men charged in the death of one man.

Each defendant stated or pointed they did the killing.

Police testified that no one is owning up to the actual killing of Jonathan Ryan Foley, but they believe all three are responsible.

Foley was reported missing by his family when he never came home from a trip to the store. Yet police said that Foley apparently went to George Marcum's house where several of the suspects accused him of being a police informant.

Police have yet to say how Foley was killed or what his cause of death was. But they said they knew foul play was probably involved when they found blood in the back of his pickup truck. Police say they were able to identify suspects through phone records.

After the testimony, the judge found probable cause to send it to the grand jury.

All three suspects remain in jail.

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