Traffic delays start January 7 on KY 321 in Johnson County

Arial view of the project area.
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JOHNSON COUNTY – January 4, 2013 – Traffic delays begin January 7 on KY 321 in Johnson County as part of preliminary work to correct a long-time rockfall problem along this stretch of highway.

Core drilling activity above the road on either side of Christian Appalachian Project’s facility could result in debris rolling onto the roadway, according to Richard T. Wilson with Horn and Associates, the Winchester firm hired by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet to provide drilling services to support redesign of the rock cut.

Wilson explained that the borings, or core holes, are located above the existing rock cuts on either side of CAP’s building, and require the construction of dozer trails for moving drilling equipment to the boring locations. This activity will result in disturbance of the soil and may cause debris to roll over the existing cut slope and onto the highway.

“These roadway closures are for the safety of the traveling public,” said Project Manager John Michael Johnson of Highway District 12. “We expect them to be brief and intermittent. We do not expect to hold up traffic for any significant amount of time.” Johnson pointed out that the area has been prone to rockfalls, which have been a problem for years. “This temporary inconvenience is not much to put up with compared with the end result, which is to eliminate future rockfalls along this stretch of highway. We apologize for the delays, but we know that folks who travel this road regularly will be patient and understanding.”

Motorists can expect traffic delays during daylight hours after school opens in the mornings. There will be a window each afternoon to allow school dismissal traffic to travel through the area. Otherwise, traffic delays will generally be limited to 20 minutes or less while dozer trails are being constructed, drills are being moved from location to location, and during cleanup. Equipment will be on site to clean up any debris before reopening the highway.