Traffic stop leads to alleged major drug arrest

By Angela Sparkman | 

A traffic stop leads Prestonsburg police to an alleged major player in the Florida pill pipeline to eastern Kentucky.

Billy Craft was originally charged with drug possession, but police say the investigation led to much more.

Prestonsburg police say during a traffic stop they found around 300 pills and nearly seven thousand dollars cash inside Billy Craft's car. He was arrested on drug possession charges, but police say they later discovered the pills came from Florida.

“We're certain this is the pill pipeline coming into Kentucky and Mr. Craft is part of that,” Detective Steve Little said.

Craft was released on a 500 dollar bond, but when the judge heard the new evidence in court, he ordered Craft back to jail. Craft's bond is now 100-thousand dollars cash.

Craft's family claims the cash was recently taken from his 401K for a trip to Disney World. The judge sent the case to the grand jury.

Prestonsburg detectives are now seeking several indictments for drug trafficking against Craft.

“It's a little more serious than when he was arrested because the investigation showed a lot of things occurring,” Detective Little said.

They are still investigating which location the pills came from in Florida.

Prestonsburg Police plan are seeking at least 12 new charges against Craft.

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