Tuesday's rain causes flash flooding in Letcher Co.

By Katie Roach | 

People in parts of Letcher County are still cleaning up after heavy rain caused flash flooding.

Water and mud rushed across the road Tuesday night just outside of Isom.

Earl Taylor has lived on Low Gap Branch Road his whole life, but he has never seen anything like this.

"If it kept raining, it had me worried that it might break the mountain off behind me and take us out," said Taylor.

24 hours later the water was still rushing over part of the road, but Earl Taylor is just thankful for the most part there was only minor damage.

By Wednesday, most of the standing water had receded, but there was still a lot of mud on the roads and in people's yards.

Gary Joe Bennett had around five inches of mud in his yard on Wednesday, but the damage was even more severe on the road in front of his house.

"Where the water was so high and all the trash had got up behind the culverts, all the pressure and just washed it out and broke the road," said Bennett.

He watched as road crews tried to fix the broken culverts and repair the road thankful the water did not come up any farther.

"If it came up two more inches, it would have got on the porch and into the kitchen," said Bennett.

Both Bennett and Taylor agree this is the worst they have ever seen flooding here.

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