Two EKY schools ranked in top 5 for efficiency

By Katie Roach | 

HARLAN & BARBOURVILLE, Ky (WYMT) - Two eastern Kentucky schools rank in the top five in the state for school efficiency.

The report released by the Bluegrass Institute looks at how efficient Kentucky's education system is by calculating the ratio of education performance per dollar spent.

Harlan Independent Schools ranked second in the state, and Barbourville Independent Schools ranked fourth.

"We've made some significant changes in our administrative staff, restructured some things and made some different assignments to administrators," said Harlan Independent Schools Superintendent David Johnson.

"We are targeting low performing students through an RTI program. We are trying to become an individually based with each student," said Barbourville High School Principal Paul Middleton.

Both officials say that when they do have to make those tough cuts, they do it very skillfully, cutting things that do not affect the students first.

At Harlan Independent that means trying not to cut teaching positions.

At Barbourville Independent, the principal says they are having to do without things like new technology and text books.

Officials at both schools say this would not be possible without their staff and support from their community.

The full report by the Bluegrass Institute can be found at

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