Unwanted horses are a nuisance

By Katie Roach | 

There is a growing problem in eastern kentucky, more and more people are dumping horses on private property that is not theirs. Officials in one county are trying to help the landowners.

Perry County recently passed an ordinance that deals with the proper keeping and care of livestock.

In George's Branch dozens of horses are seen roaming, but they do not belong to the landowners.

With this new ordinance, the owners of the horses are required to remove them from the land.

What seems to be a beautiful sight, is actually a nuisance.

"Horses are running wild on other people's property," said Perry County Judge Executive Denny Ray Noble.

Perry County has been notified that dozens of horses are roaming in George's Branch, but no one knows who they belong too.

"People who do have horses find they can't take care of them, they are attached to them so they don't feel like they want to euthanize them," said Martha Quigley with the animal shelter.

Quigley main concern is that when horses are in this kind of environment, they are not being taken care of and not being fed properly.

The Perry County Fiscal Court recently passed an ordinance that says all owners of livestock shall keep it in a manner not to create a public nuisance.

"If those horses aren't removed we are going to have to take them out," said Noble.

With the new ordinance, an Animal Control Officer will issue a Notice of Violation, then that person has 14 days to fix the problem before the animals are confiscated and impounded in a humane manner.

No action can be taken on the horses at George's Branch until the owners of the horses are found.

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