Voters will decide if Harlan should go moist

By Ashley Reynolds | 

In just a few days... voters in Harlan will decide if the city should go moist.

Thousands of folks come to Harlan County every year for the ATV trails.

Steve Truman is from Nashville and says he would like to see the city go moist.

"It will help a lot... it will help tourism and people will spend money here. As opposed to bringing their own food here... the finer restaurants all have alcohol so we are going to go out to eat," said Truman.

Folks with the Harlan County Outdoor Recreation Board Authority have voted in support of the petition.

They say it would boost the economy.

"One of the things they always put in the comments is they think we need better restaurants. We just felt the alcohol would bring in higher class restaurants which would let us compete with other off road parks in the area," said Ken Crider.

The Harlan County Christian Alliance is asking folks to count the cost when it comes to the possible dangers alcohol could bring.
Leaders have posted billboards, flyers, and held rallies against the petition that they say will not bring in added revenue.

"Prohibition does work. There is prohibition against murder. It doesn't stop all murder but it sure cuts it down a lot. What we don't want to do is handcuff our police officers. We want them to get drugs off the street. We don't have to handcuff them with this legal alcohol," said Arnold Martin with the Harlan County Christian Alliance.

Voters will have the final say on Tuesday.

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