Winter tourism is up at state parks

By Whitney Burks | 

This winter's warm temperatures have been a popular topic of discussion. Officials at Jenny Wiley State Park say the weather has benefited tourism at the park.

"It's been really good for the park. Not only our facilities overall, but visitation to the park itself, whether it be folks out picnicking or walking the trails," said Park Naturalist Trinity Shepherd.

They say park visitation is up compared to previous colder winters, and they usually do not see the increase in visitors until later in the year.

"Usually we start to see that april or may because of the springtime temps," said Shepherd.

Rodney Goble and Brian Wells brought out their fishing poles Thursday to take advantage of the nice weather.

"Today's pretty nice after having a nasty day yesterday," said Goble.

"Caught a break in the weather from yesterday we had and thought we'd try to get out and catch a fish or two," said Wells.

Park officials say some plants are blooming earlier than usual because of the warm temperatures. The only thing they fear is a late freeze which could stunt the growth.

"Just hope that we don't get that deep freeze that may hinder everything and knock it back a little bit," said Shepherd.

Park officials say they hope the warming trend continues into the spring.

If you have questions about upcoming events at the park you can call (606) 889-1790.

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