Water Helps More Than A Dozen Families

By Sean Evans | 

People living without clean water for months in Pike County get some relief from an outside organization.
A truck load of thousands of bottles of water will hopefully last until a more permanent fix to the problem is made.

After seeing images of a water well on fire, and hearing of some physical tolls the water is taking on the residents, officials from Kentuckians for the Commonwealth and Appalachian Voices knew something needed to be done.

"We've got a little girl that's lost her hair, we have another child that's vomiting blood. This is a social justice issue," said Ted Withrow with Kentuckians for the Commonwealth.

"I sure appreciate it. They don't know how much that it is appreciated," said resident of Big Branch Road Eva Stacy.

"Nobody knows until they go through it what it's like. I'm grateful, I'm thankful that we got it, I'm thankful that our neighbors got it too," said Denise Howard.

The water came from Keeper's Springs as well as Nestle Pure Life water.
Officials hope the bottles will last several months, or until a permanent link is made to a cleaner water source.

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth is also running several tests of the wells in the area.

The results from those should be back soon, and should point out if the physical ailments are a direct result.

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