Water park is coming to Breaks Interstate Park

By Angela Sparkman | 

A new three million dollar water park is coming to the Breaks Interstate Park on the Kentucky-Virginia line.

The park board awarded the construction contract on Wednesday.
Construction will start in a few weeks and it should be open by next summer.

Officials say this will be a tourist attraction that studies show will have an economic benefit on the surrounding area.

The "Splash in the Park" will be built where the swimming pool is. "Just a huge upgrade from the pool we have now and it should be a fairly unique facility," said Austin Bradley, Director of Visitor Services.

Park officials say studies done the past two years show the three million dollar water park will have an even larger economic impact on the state park, and Pike County, and Dickenson and Buchanan counties in Virginia.

"We know that it's definitely going to improve not only visitation to the park, but also tourism to the areas surrounding the park. People will partake in more lodging, more food service, and also as they pass through the area, our gas stations, our grocery stores, our restaurants in Pike County, Dickenson County, and Buchanan County should all see a benefit," said Bradley.

The park will also create new jobs to work at "Splash in the Park."

Right now the park has $1.68 million dollars for construction of phase one.

Bradley says Dickenson and Buchanan Counties in Virginia each gave $500,000 in coal severance funds.

The Virginia Tobacco Commission also gave money for phase one.

"In order for it to be as big as we hope that it will eventually be and as nice of a facility, then we're going to need that extra $1.6 million," said Bradley.

They are looking for the rest of the funding to build phase two.

Officials say they do not go into debt while building this.

Meanwhile, phase one is expected to open for business on Memorial Day weekend next year.

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