Powell County schools cope with boil water advisory

By Sean Moody | 

School officials in Powell County say they hope today is the last day they have to deal with the boil water advisory. They say they've gone to some great lengths to make sure the students have water.

Monroe Jones says it's been a long three weeks for his department in the Powell County school system.

"We do have a plan for emergency water for maybe a two-day, three -day period. However, nothing like a three-week period," he says.

He says when a boil-water advisory went in to effect last month, nearly every schools's water was rendered undrinkable. That's when he says, they got creative.

"Luckily we've got one school, Clay City Elementary, that's not affected. We've been transporting water from there to our other schools in the district," says Jones.

Water was taken to all the other Powell County schools by the jug-load. Jones says the demand for that water is high.

"Well it's like anything else, the first couple of days the kids are coming up, getting drinking water and you're going through quite a few jugs a day. we're going through, just drinking water, probably about 500 gallons a day and that's hard to prepare for and have stored in maintenance," he says.

After some repairs made last night, Jones says city officials plan to test the water today to see if it's finally safe to drink.

"Hopefully, they put us on main water where we can drink that maybe next week or even tomorrow," he says.

Officials here in the county say the problems started last month when a crew cleaning debris from a bridge caused that water main in the Red River to break.

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