Woman arrested for allegedly selling drugs near school

By Whitney Burks | 

Police in Prestonsburg say they made another arrest in their fight against drug crimes Wednesday, this time near a school.

Prestonsburg Police say they received some anonymous tips that Whitney McCourt was selling drugs. A few undercover officers conducted a drug buy from McCourt early Wednesday morning.

"Within a couple hours after the buy an arrest was made, and we did a search on the premises," said Prestonsburg Police Chief Mike Ormerod.

"We found a large amount of pills, an assorted amount of pills," said Assistant Police Chief Brain Hall.

Police say they found methadone, adderall, hydrocodone, and xanax, along with a large amount of money.

McCourt was arrested at her friend's apartment where she was staying, just yards from Prestonsburg High School.

"Within sight of the high school, Prestonsburg High School. Within sight of the college. It's just not going to happen here," said Hall.

They say they believe she had a drug dealing operation there for a while.

"She is a drug dealer. She's not one who sold a pill here or there. She's absolutely selling drugs and making a profit on it and has been," said Hall.

Prestonsburg Police say this just another example of their drug interdiction program and their efforts to keep drugs off the streets.

"We're able to encounter the people who have the drugs in their possession and have other evidence that can constitute a trafficking charge," said Chief Ormerod.

McCourt is charged with several counts of drug trafficking. Police say they are investigating to determine the exact distance from the school. If the location is within 1,000 feet from the school, there will be additional charges. She is being held in the Floyd County Detention Center.

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