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Pheeva has received rave reviews for new product

By: PRESS Release
By: PRESS Release

Lexington, KY: February 20, 2014:

Pheeva, a product of Love Will LLC, is the newest wallet to surface in the era of digital currency. Launched first as a Chrome Extension, the Pheeva dedicated hot wallet has received rave reviews, no rating has been less than a stellar 5 stars. The Pheeva dedicated hot wallet was designed to be as uncomplicated as possible and the reviews praise the simplicity and elegance of the application. Similar to KryptoKit, you can use this hot wallet effortlessly around the web on such sites as Overstock.com, Sean’s Outpost, Tiger Direct, for tips to youtubers and on pay walls such as the one implemented on the Chicago Tribune. The game changer that makes Pheeva a better wallet however, is the introduction of Coin!Ds.

Coin!Ds are personal easy to remember names for customers that set Pheeva apart from it’s competitors. With Coin!Ds you don’t have to recall or find your long bitcoin address to send and receive payments. Pheeva allows you to create a Coin!D, set your pin and you’re ready to use your wallet. The simplicity of Coin!Ds make the process of sending and receiving payments and donations faster and more efficient. Establishing a Coin!D with Pheeva's hot wallet, allows the consumer an ease which they lacked before with their bitcoin address. Think of it like this: your Coin!D is similar to your email address; people can connect with you directly, immediately.

Lamar Wilson, CEO of Love Will LLC and lead developer, has spent a considerable amount of time constructing an improved and secure hot wallet. Valuing consumers’ protection and privacy, the wallet is encrypted with AEs-256 encryption. To ensure even greater security, the encryption takes place before it is stored on Pheeva servers and only your encrypted wallet is stored for backup and restoration purposes.

The Pheeva dedicated hot wallet isn’t the only useful tool that you will see from Love Will, LLC. The company is in the process of developing more beneficial applications connected to the world of digital currency and the consumers who use the Pheeva hot wallet.

To learn more about Pheeva, visit the website: www.pheeva.com and sign up today.

For interviews please contact: lamar@pheeva.com or lafe@pheeva.com or call 859-554-0227.

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