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TITLE Boxing Club members punch out Parkinsons

People with Parkinson’s Disease have a strong opponent and are fighting
for something more than a championship belt. They are finding innovative ways to delay the
degenerative effects of the disease and are training like heavyweight champions going for the
world title. In fact, training like a boxer is exactly how some people with Parkinson’s have
devoted themselves to knocking out encroaching symptoms of the disease. Lexington’s TITLE
Boxing Club is teaming with Rock Steady Boxing in Indianapolis to provide people with
Parkinson’s in the Bluegrass a boxing‐inspired option for fighting their symptoms. TITLE Boxing
Club’s first permanent class for people with Parkinson’s will kick‐off on March 26, 2014.
“We were surprised at the level of enthusiasm among people with Parkinson’s not to give up
and let the symptoms overcome a good quality of life,” said Chris and Kim Campbell, owners of
TITLE Boxing Club in Lexington. “We had no idea the determination that people with
Parkinson’s have for either stalling or even reversing their symptoms until one of our members
came to us and told us about Rock Steady Boxing in Indianapolis whose sole purpose is to use
boxing workouts to train people with the disease.”
Keep in mind that boxing training and boxing in a ring are two different experiences. Boxing
training is the rigorous training regimen that boxers use to prepare for their fights in the ring
with an opponent. The training is the key to their strength, agility, and stamina. So what is the
angle? People with Parkinson’s have unique issues with body movement and brain function
that boxing training readily addresses. Boxing training works the entire body from head to toe
with elements of concentration and surprise that help keep the mind sharp. Boxing is unique in
that it demands that people be engaged mentally with their bodies as well as with their
opponents to be able to act and react instantly.
People with Parkinson’s are in the fight of their lives and are training to enhance their quality of
life by building their confidence, strength, flexibility, balance, and power. Since in boxing
training, the body is continuously in motion with an ever changing routine, it cannot rely on
muscle memory for movement; all movements must be intentional. Research has shown that
‘demand’ exercise can slow the symptoms of Parkinson’s. The very nature of boxing training
helps the mind and the body which is ideal for a person with Parkinson’s.
Dr. Tom Mowery approached the owners of TITLE Boxing Club Lexington about bringing the
“Rock Steady Method” to the Bluegrass. Since then TITLE Boxing Club Lexington has become
the first affiliate of Rock Steady Boxing in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and is now offering
Rock Steady Power Hour classes specifically designed for people with Parkinson’s.
Dr. Mowery explained, “Having never boxed and not wanting to be hit in the nose, I certainly
did not envision boxing training as a possible avenue for physical fitness. Then I learned of the
Rock Steady Boxing Program for PD patients in Indy that was showing successful results. That
finally caused me to join TITLE Boxing Club in Lexington.”
What have been the results? Dr. Mowery continues, “I have been pleasantly surprised with the
results. In just ten weeks of working out three times a week for one hour at a time as a boxer
would prepare, I have dropped twenty pounds that had stubbornly been with me for years, my
clothes fit better, I generally feel better, I sleep better, my strength has increased, my
coordination has improved, I am more limber. I have rediscovered my long‐lost abs, my
arthritic knees feel better, and I never get hit in the nose!”
TITLE Boxing Club Lexington begins its first Rock Steady Power Hour classes on Wednesday,
March 26, 2014 and Saturday March 29, 2014; classes will be added as demand requires.
So bring it on Parkinson’s! We’re going to knock you out!
For more information on Parkinson’s boxing training, please contact TITLE Boxing Club, 171
West Lowry Lane, Suite 168, Lexington, Kentucky 40503 (859) 268‐4853, on the web at
http://lexington‐lowry.titleboxingclub.com, on Facebook at TITLE‐Boxing‐Club‐Lexington, or on
Twitter @TBCLEX.

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