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Flash floods bring big damages

By: Rebekah Pewitt Email
By: Rebekah Pewitt Email

CLAY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Flash floods covered miles of roadways in Clay County Thursday, but now folks in the Bright Shade and Goose Creek areas have lots of damage left behind.

Debris and slabs of concrete are scattered along Goose Creek.

And with the water level down, Homeowners are left to clean up the mess.

“It's depressing to see something like this happen. We're stranded here. We can only walk out,” said Charles Parks.

County officials say that at least 15 families cannot drive to their homes because of damaged roads and bridges.

Boats, four-wheelers, and even live-stock were swept away.

“My dad lives below me here and he had some in a pin and they got them but he ended up losing I think like 22 or 23 head of hogs,” said Ricky Sizemore.

Officials say they are working to help the nearly 75 families who do not have access to city water because of the flood, as well as maintaining what's left of the roads.

“We've got places right now that we're watching where the water has eaten the ground away from the bottom of these roads and stuff. So we're having to watch them to make sure they're stable and everything,” said Sammy Gregory.

County officials say they estimate the county will receive nearly $500,000 in federal aid.

Officials say they will be out again Friday to continue assessing the damage.

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