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Man charged with shooting niece in the eye

Brittany Hooker was shot in the face, specifically in the eye, because police say her uncle got mad at her because she gave them information about his alleged meth making activities.

“Mr. Minton was accusing Brittany of telling police, volunteering information about an earlier incident, he became irate and started firing shots,” said Clay County Chief Deputy Chris Curry.

Police say Minton fired 4 shots. Police say one bullet hit Hooker in the eye as she was pulling out of Minton's driveway.

Police say Minton and at least two others were being investigated in Madison County concerning meth precursors, such as the purchase of pseudoephedrine. Police say they also found remnants of a lab inside his home and they say his violent behavior fits that of a user.
“Nine times out of 10 they are very delusional, have no sense of reality,” said Curry.

Brittany Hooker was scheduled to have surgery at a Kingsport, Tennessee, hospital but her prognosis isn’t good. “There are no plans to remove the bullet, it is lodged in her brain,” Curry said.

Mark Minton was charged with assault, the manufacture of meth and some other offenses, but he could face some more serious charges. Another subject with Hooker, Robert Banks, was also arrested on meth related offenses.

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