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Oran Brumley found guilty of 1969 murder of Clay County Sheriff

By: Morgan Lentes Email
By: Morgan Lentes Email

Manchester, KY. (WYMT)- The jury deliberated for only a few hours and returned a guilty verdict.

Oran Brumley is convicted of murdering former Clay County Sheriff James "Matt" Sizemore.

The case lasted two days and Oran Brumley took the stand to defend himself on Friday.

He said he enjoyed killing in his testimony, but maintained he did not kill Matt Sizemore.

In a heated exchanged on the stand the Commonwealth's Attorney Gary Gregory asked Brumley about the details of another murder he committed, saying, “you pulled his eyeball out of his head, stabbed him in the neck. Did you enjoy that?”

Brumley replied, “Well I probably did.”

Brumley was blunt with the commonwealth's attorney even at one point saying he "liked killing" and would probably kill again, however he stood by his word that his earlier confession was a lie.

Gregory was awestruck by the testimony, “I find it quite remarkable. The first time in probably a 30 year career in the legal business that I've ever had anybody stand up in a court room and tell me that they enjoy killing, that they have no conscience, that they will kill again.”

Brumley's defense team says putting him on the stand was the right thing to do.

Attorney Wendy Craig said, “In this case, I think he really needed to tell his story and I believe that they really needed to hear it to understand that his world is very different from the world that we live in and in his world, you will do anything to survive.’

Two of Brumley's family members also testified before the case was handed over to the jury.

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