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Convenience store robbery caught on video

Danville Police say a man was able to pull off a very smooth robbery only steps away from their headquarters here on Main Street. They say they're surprised someone would rob a store so close to their station.

"The police officers that work third shift, they frequent that place quite often. We're in and out all night long," said Detective Robert Ladd.

They say this robber was bold enough to do that, but calm that he didn't attract any attention.

"He clearly just walks in, speaks with the clerk. To any bystander, this would appear like a normal transaction," said Det. Ladd.

They say the robbery happened shortly after 1:00 yesterday morning. A man pulled in to the lot in a blue Ford Explorer and bumped his door against another car before he went inside. Once in the store, he grabs some pizza before heading to the register.

"He tells the clerk, 'Give me your money,'. He, kind of through his eyes and head movements, he's like, 'You know what I want, go ahead and give me the money. Put it in a bag,'," said Det. Ladd.

The robber calmly left the store and pulled out of the parking lot. Police say there was a passenger in the Explorer, but they're not sure if that person even realized the robbery took place. Now they're hoping someone from the community recognizes the man in this security video soon.

"We know there's witnesses. We know there's people that know that he was at this location. It appears that someone was in the vehicle with him. If they know that they were there and they know this individual's identity, they could come forward and let us know that as well," said Det. Ladd.

Police described their suspect as a black man about six feet tall and 180 pounds. They say he was wearing a navy blue shirt, white shorts, and white and black Jordan shoes.

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