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Parts of Floyd Co. still waiting for water

By: Matthew Rand Email
By: Matthew Rand Email

FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Update 1/9/14:

Dozens of people are still without water in Floyd County.

Customers of Southern Water and Sewer lost water on Monday.

Officials with the company tell us they expect little progress to be made before tomorrow.

However, they do expect a significant resolution at some point on Friday.
Update 1/8/14:

Several homes in parts of southern Floyd County remain without water following a water main break Saturday night.

Southern Water and Sewer District officials say a combination of high pressure and antiquated pipes are to blame.

Crews worked overnight Saturday and into Sunday evening, repairing twin breaks in the supply line running from Southern Water and Sewer District's treatment plant.

During that time, officials say multiple holding tanks completely drained, severing the water supply to hundreds of customers.

"When that happens, we have to build our tanks up one by one, starting with the closest one the plant and working our way out through the distribution system," said Dean Hall, the water company's distribution supervisor.

Making matters worse, officials say the extreme cold busted meters and froze pipes solid.

The delay has many residents and business owners frustrated, wondering when their water will come back.

"I understand it takes a while to fix that," said James Hall, of McDowell. "For it to be four days, I just don't understand that, and then they don't have no idea when it will be or what's wrong."

Without a working sink, Hall says he has relied on family members who have running water and bottled H20 from the store.

"I think they ought to at least come out and at least talk to people and say 'Hey we're doing this, we're doing that, we have an idea what's wrong'," he said.

Water company officials say they are not ignoring anyone.

"We've been out there, we've done all we could do, we're fighting the elements, we're fighting an old system, and we're doing the best we can with what we've got to work with," said Dean Hall.

For now, officials are asking for patience as they work to restore water service to all customers.

Water company officials say customers are under a boil water advisory.

They say it could take a couple days to restore everyone's water.


Original Story:

Freezing temperatures have a lot of people opting to hunker down inside their homes instead of braving the cold, but your house might not provide much refuge without running water.

That is exactly what some folks in Floyd County have been dealing with since Sunday, but some local fire and rescue workers are pitching in to help.

"We haven't had baths, showers in three days. You can't flush your commodes," said Sherri Allen.

She is one of many in the Pyramid community near David in Floyd County have had little choice but to endure days without water.

The David Area Volunteer Fire Department and Floyd County Emergency Rescue worked Tuesday to pass out bottled water to folks in need.

"We actually started this this morning," said Captain Randy Davis. "We thought the water was supposed to have come back on last night, but it didn't happen."

The team went door-to-door, handing out hundreds of bottles of drinking water and checking to see if anyone needed food or medicine.

"The older people that is not able to get out, they're scared to get out into the ice and snow," Davis said. "Some of the hollers here are snow-covered slick roads."

Dealing with this cold is bad enough, but with faucets running dry, local residents say they've had enough.

"This has not been the first incident where we have been without water for long periods of time. This has just been an incident where lives could truly be affected," Allen said.

Allen says she is grateful for the efforts of the firefighters and rescuers, but says Southern Water & Sewer, which serves the area, has done little to address the issue or keep residents informed.

"I mean no phone calls from any of the officials, none. Nobody's been out to check."

Until the situation is resolved, firefighters say they will keep making rounds to make sure folks have everything they need.

Firefighters say anyone can stop by the fire department if they need to get warm.

WYMT tried to reach Southern Water & Sewer for a statement, but our calls were not answered.

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