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Animal shelter caring for unusual resident

LEXINGTON, Ky (WKYT) - Neighbors say they chased a stray animal up and down the street, but couldn't catch it. Now the Franklin County Animal Shelter has an unusual resident.

Dogs at the Franklin County Animal Shelter don't quite know what to make of the new arrival.

"The dogs were pretty excited about it. They see her and they know she's not like them," said shelter manager Nancy Benton.

This potbellied pig was found running loose near Evergreen Road last night. Since then, he's been staying here among some furrier friends. Neighbors say he led them on quite the chase.

"We chased it all through the yards for about an hour. It's a quick little booger, too!" said Brandy Peterson.

Eventually the pig was captured in a nearby yard, but not before a man says his German Shepard was injured when it tried to go after it. Now, he's waiting it out among the dogs and humane society officials say he's causing a stir.

"Everybody's tickled. They saw her drive up and just thought she was the cutest thing. They wanted her to stay in the office where they could watch her all day. They're just tickled. They think she's just the cutest little thing," said Benton.

Peterson said she was tempted to take him home herself if he becomes available.

"I think it's cute. If I had room for it, I'd keep it, but I don't think my little chihuahua would like that too much," she said.

Officials at the Humane Society say if no one takes the pig after five days, it will go up for adoption. In Frankfort, Sean Moody WKYT.

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