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Diner owner fuming over break-in

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - To say that Rick, of Rick's White Light Diner in downtown Frankfort, is upset over the theft would be an understatement. He's fired up. Now, he's using every tool he can to find what he's calling a rat.

"He's a thief! He's a miserable thief and I have no compassion! Period! I can't wait to catch him," said Rick Paul.

Paul has owned the diner since 1991. It was featured on the show "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" a couple of years ago. Police say late Tuesday night a man broke into the diner through a window in the back of the building. A method, Rick says, was overkill.

"There's a window over there, you just kick in it and come on through it. But this guy brought a ladder! Moron!" shouted Paul.

Police say the man got away with cash, electronics, and even some food.

"I've got to give him credit. He's got class, because he knows what good food is," said Paul.

Paul said when he came in yesterday morning to get ready for the day's business, he was taken aback by the break-in.

"When I came in that morning, I thought 'Maybe a shot would be good'. I don't drink in the morning, but after seeing all of that...and he even stole the bourbon. So he has no class and he stole Bud Light. That means he's a redneck," said Paul.

After contacting police, Paul took to Facebook, posting a surveillance picture of the man. He says he won't stop until he's caught.

"You don't break into the White Light Diner. You may break in somewhere else, but you do not break into the White Light Diner and get away with it because I'm committed now. I'll find him," said Paul.

When asked what he'd say to the thief if they were face-to-face, Paul simply said, "I'll just show him a baseball bat!"

Paul said he'll be posting a new picture of the thief on the restaurant's Facebook page every day, hoping to catch him.

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