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Police bust meth lab in downtown Georgetown

By: Dave Spencer Email
By: Dave Spencer Email

State Police Troopers dressed head to toe in protective gear, and put on breathing apparatus to enter an apartment on Warrendale Drive in Georgetown Wednesday.

Inside, police say there was a one step meth lab. It was a discovery that meant hours spent on the scene.

"Not only to clean up but also investigate," says Kentucky State Police Trooper Ron Turley.

A tip led them to the apartment and to the arrest of the man living there, 39-year-old John Wall. Wall was charged with one count of manufacturing meth.

Police say unfortunately this is becoming a common occurrence even in a populated area like this.

"As of May 2011 compared to 2010 meth labs are up 25 percent. To date, we've had 600 meth labs," says Turley.

Each meth lab can tie up a number of different agencies from police to fire departments. It's also a costly endeavor.

Police say the average cost for State Police to clean up and investigate a meth lab is about $2,100.

Once the investigation is over, it's up to the homeowner to finish cleaning up.

As for the criminals, police say they present their own challenges.

Turley says, "If they don't have the meth and you incarcerate them, it's been known they will drink their own urine just to maintain that high."

Police say in the case of the meth lab found in Georgetown, the best solution for the landlord is to destroy the apartment complex.

The owner tells 27 NEWSFIRST he plans to clean up the place, which could include installing new drywall and flooring.

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