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Scotty Moore comes home to Harlan County

By: Angela Sparkman, Laura Beranek, Matthew Rand Email
By: Angela Sparkman, Laura Beranek, Matthew Rand Email
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HARLAN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Update 6-3-14:

Scotty Moore is back home in the mountains, much sooner than doctors predicted.

The 22-year-old member of the Harlan County Rescue Squad was severely burned during an explosion while working on a bulldozer in December.

Moore spoke to WYMT for the first time since he returned home from a Georgia burn hospital.

Members of the Harlan County Rescue Squad have been waiting since December for news that Scotty Moore was coming home.

"It's been a very emotional time for all of us," said HCRS member Juanita Cole. "It's hard just being at the building without him. Nothing seems the same."

Friends and family rallied around Moore since the accident.

Jimmy Rose played a concert fundraiser in his honor.

Moore says he is overwhelmed by the love of the entire community.

"If it wasn't for them and their support, standing behind me through it all, I - just to be honest with you - I don't believe I'd be here," Moore said.

Moore says doctors initially gave him just a three percent chance to live.

He says those same doctors are now amazed at his rapid recovery.

"You got a three percent chance. That's about pretty much just saying you know there isn't much we can do," Moore said. "The good Lord and willpower I guess pulled me through it."

Home in half the time doctors originally predicted, his fellow rescuers say they never gave up hope.

"We knew from the beginning he was coming home," said Cole, "because he's just a strong person and he sets his mind to something and he's doing it."

Given a second chance, Moore says the experience has taught him never to take life for granted.

Moore says he still has a long way to go, including a few more surgeries to free up tight muscles, but says he is getting stronger every day.


Update 3-19-14:

Jimmy Rose played a benefit concert for Scotty Moore, a member of the Harlan County Rescue Squad who was severely burned in an explosion while working on a bulldozer in December.

People traveled from as far away as Huntington, West Virginia Wednesday to see Jimmy Rose play.

"This is not a Jimmy Rose show, OK? This is an outpour of support for Scotty and his family," Rose said to the cheering crowd.

Scotty Moore continues to recover in a Georgia burn trauma center, and hundreds came to show their support.

"He volunteered his time to help people in their need. He's in need now and they're showing they're helping him now while he's in need," said Harlan County Rescue Squad Captain Chris Allen.

During the performance, Moore's father Scott publicly thanked the Harlan County Rescue Squad members he says saved his son's life.

"If they hadn't been there, if it hadn't been for the good Lord and the way things worked out that night, Scotty would have never made it out of Harlan County," he said.

Scotty's father says the road to recovery is long, but they are making progress.

"He was able to sit up, he was able to go outside yesterday, the first time since all this happened," he said.

Rescue squad members say Jimmy Rose lending his talents will go a long way toward helping Scotty's family.

"He shows that where his down-home roots and stuff, where he's from," said Allen. "He shows he cares about his community and stuff, you know to volunteer his time out here, we can't thank him enough."

Even after the music is over, concert goers say they will keep praying and sending their love until Scotty comes home.

Organizers say the concert raised over $12,000 for Scotty's family.


Update 2-8-14:

Members of the Harlan County Rescue Squad say Scotty Moore is part of their squad family.

Scotty was severely burned in mid-December.

He has been in a Georgia hospital since then, and has undergone several surgeries.

Chris Allen, the Harlan County Rescue Squad captain, was with Scotty and his family when he was first injured.

Nearly two months later, they say he can now communicate by shaking his head and blinking his eyes.

"He's coming back to us," says Scotty's father, Scott Moore, "He's making progress. We thought we lost him but he's coming back to us."

But still, squad members say his absence lingers.

"It's been different," said Allen, "A little harder because you get a page and the first person you want to holler at is Scotty, but he's not here with us right now."

Squad members say one of Scotty's favorite places to eat is McDonalds, and a group of them has not ate at the restaurant since the accident.

They say they are waiting until he is home, and they can eat together again.

A day that they say they'll be more than ready for.

"We all love him, and we're all here praying for him," said Allen, "Praying for a speedy recovery. Because we know he is going to recover, and we can't wait to get him back with us."

All to make their rescue squad whole again.

Squad members say they're planning fundraising events, but exact dates have not yet been set.


Update 12-31-13:

Scotty Moore, the Harlan County Rescue Squad member severely burned earlier this month is improving some.

WYMT's Angela Sparkman talked to his dad on the phone who said they are blessed Scotty is still alive.

Scotty Moore, 21, remains hundreds of miles away from home in a burn trauma center in Augusta, Georgia.

"It's been a rough couple of weeks. It's been rough on all of us," said his father Scott Moore.

The Harlan County Rescue Squad Lieutenant was severely burned all over his body on December 12th during an explosion while he was working on a bulldozer.

His family is by his side in the hospital.

"As far as the holidays go, he's still alive and he's making progress. You know, we couldn't ask for a better Christmas present. He's still alive," said Moore.

Moore credits fellow rescue squad members for saving his son's life.

"I want to thank the guys who were there that night he got hurt. If it weren't for them, I don't think Scotty would have made it out of Harlan County," said Moore.

Harlan County Rescue Squad members are supporting him at home and raising money for his medical bills.

"I just want everyone to keep praying. He's such a wonderful person. He's always looking out for everybody else," said Juanita Cole, Harlan County Rescue Squad Member.

"We could never thank everybody enough. It's incredible. The folks there have gotten behind us and behind him and it's heart touching," said Moore.

The family says Scotty has a long road to recovery in 2014.


Update 12-17-13:

Harlan County Rescue Squad member Scotty Moore dedicated his life to helping others, but now he needs help.

He suffered serious burns last week during an explosion.

The rescue squad is coming together to help him through his recovery.

Scotty Moore is hundreds of miles away in a burn hospital in Augusta, Georgia. His fellow rescue squad members saved his life.

"I think of that boy as my own," said Captain Chris Allen.

Captain Chris Allen says 21-year-old Scotty Moore was laid off from his coal job. He did not want to move away from Harlan County, so he and some friends planned to start a logging business.

Last Thursday, they were working on a bulldozer when Allen says Moore put something in the fire barrel to stay warm, and it exploded and caught him on fire.

"I've been here 22 years. I've seen a lot of bad things but nothing compared to what I'd seen the other night," said Captain Allen.

The rescue squad spent four days with Moore in the Augusta, GA hospital until they came home on Monday night.

Allen says Moore has had four surgeries and another surgery is planned later this week.

Allen says Moore could be in the burn hospital in Georgia for one year.

The rescue squad is collecting donations for Moore to help with his medical bills.

"His whole life he has supported this community, been there for other people in their time of need. His family's been there for other people in their time of need. I'd really love to see a show of support for him, cause right now he's in their time of need," said Captain Allen.

An account is set-up at the Bank of Harlan for the donations. You can mail donations or take them to the bank.

"Scotty Moore Medical Fund"
P.O. Box 919
Harlan, KY 40831

Captain Allen says Moore can receive cards in the hospital but flowers and other items cannot be accepted due to his medical condition. A hospital employee will check all of Moore's mail to make sure he can receive it in his medical condition.

Cards can be mailed to:

Scotty Moore
Attention: Sherry Videtto
3675 J. Dewey Gray Circle, Suite 300
Augusta, GA 30909


Update 12-16-13:

A Harlan County Rescue Squad member burned in an explosion continues to receive treatment at a burn hospital in Georgia.

Rescue Squad Captain Chris Allen told us Scotty Moore, 21, underwent surgery on Monday at a burn trauma center in Augusta, Georgia.

Officials say Moore was injured Thursday night while working on a bulldozer. An explosion burned the majority of his body.


Update 12-14-13:

A Harlan County man is receiving treatment in a Georgia hospital.

Scotty Moore, 21, was burned during an explosion Thursday while working on a bulldozer.

He was airlifted to the Holsten Valley Medical Center, and is now listed as in critical condition in Augusta, Georgia.
Members of the Harlan County Rescue Squad and Moore's family are with him, and they say they are optimistic but still asking for support.

"He can't talk but he can answer and shake his head yes and no," said Harlan County Rescue Squad Captain Chris Allen, "He's doing really well as far as I can tell. They might do a second surgery today when they're done evaluating and everything."

A medical fund has been set up for Scotty Moore; if you wish to donate you may take or mail your donation to the Scotty Moore Medical Fund, The Bank of Harlan, P.O. Box 919, Harlan, KY, 40831.

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