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WKYT Reality Check: Finding wireless waste in your cell phone bill

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Ever feel like you're paying too much for your cell phone? Between the plans and the upgrades, it can get a little difficult to dig through the charges.

Aimee Blevins pays close to $200 a month for her family's cell phones.

"I don't like it at all. I would rather it be lower. I think that for just three lines, it's a fairly high bill," says Blevins, "you know you have to pay it. So if it comes $200, you have to still pay it if you want to keep it."

We took Blevins's bill to phone plan expert Todd Dunphy.

"People are just paralyzed. They don't know what to do. Its super complicated. We've spent a lot of money on trying to figure this thing out. We know the industry. We can read these bills and understand them very quickly."

Dunphy runs Save Love Give, a company dedicated to finding wireless waste.

"Save Love Give is a web app that allows you to analyze your phone bill to drive savings and gives you the opportunity to take some of that savings and give it to charity if you want."

Dunphy estimates Americans waste more than $50 billion paying for more minutes than they actually use.

"There's all kinds of other things that add up," notes Dunphy.

For Blevins and her family of three, Dunphy found about $150 in savings a year by paying off a late fee, dropping parental controls, and getting rid of phone insurance, a cost Dunphy says isn't worth the seven dollar a month charge you pay.

"My husband is on diabetes medication, so just his insulin a month is very expensive," Blevins says, "if I can save that, $143, then that's extra after medications."

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